Painting a car

Car painting is the application of paint material on its surface (the body and some other parts). Car painting is a very important process, because the quality of its performance will depend on the appearance of the "iron horse" and its service life. The majority of motorists change oils in proper time, often perform preventive repair works of gearbox, engine, etc., but pay less attention to the body and state of varnish-and-paint coating. But it is not right. A body needs also proper care, in fact it is the "face" of a car. Small chips, cracks, scratches not only worsen the car appearance, but also contribute to corrosion processes.

That is why very high requirements are applied to the lacquer coating and quality of the painting, regardless of whether a part or the whole car was painted.

Initially, the car is bought with an already applied layer of paint, i.e. the factory painting. It is quite different from the application of paint material at home. In the conditions of the factory painting is almost always automated. I.e. in the process of painting a man is practically not involved. The paint of one color is poured into the huge (about a ton capacity) tank, the program is started, and the formation of the protective coating began. This is how a large number of bodies are painted in a row, i.e. serial production.

Nowadays it is possible to paint a car by yourself, so to say in "home" conditions. In fact, modern paintwork materials are durable and form a solid protective layer. If desired, the car can be painted using almost professional equipment.

Factors that affect the quality of car painting


Has a very large impact on the quality of the finished car paintwork, because learning to professionally apply layers of paint, without blemishes and irregularities, requires years of training. Simple car enthusiasts should thoroughly study all the instructions and train a little before painting the car themselves.


In order to independently paint one or two cars, it is not necessary to purchase professional equipment, which sometimes costs almost as much as a new car. You can quite manage with not so expensive, but also enough quality devices, which are designed for a shorter service life.


Professionals must perform their work quickly enough, since time is money, so car enthusiasts have a slight advantage in this aspect. But experienced craftsmen already have a "practiced" hand and the painting process goes faster than beginners. Car enthusiasts, on the other hand, need to practice before they get started.

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