Karen, my wife:  First and formost, my soulmate, my everything.  She has been supportive and understanding through it all.  I truly have been blessed.  Thank you Karen for everything!  MSLQCB!

Wade, Josh, and Randy, aka; "The Heathens":  For being understanding during the roller coaster ride that comes with each new project.  Our children are our future.  And they don't think they will ever have to change any diapers...Hahh!

My family and friends:  For being everything each of them is to me.

My Dad:  He gave me the knowledge and inspiration to do what I do.  Always "tinkering" with automobiles.  I helped HIM build my first car, a 1965 Mustang.  We painted my second, a 1968 Camaro together.  I was 15 and 17 during this time.  My father passed on September 30, 2006.  I am currently restoring a 1966 Mustang and had hoped to have it complete before his passing.  It is not.  However, he will see it now and when it is done...  In loving memory of my father, Robert L. Johnson.  I love you dad!

Lonnie Anderson:  In loving memory of Lonnie Anderson.  Ride on brother!

To all the loyal customers:  Thank you for allowing "Color by WEASEL" to serve your custom painting needs.  Many of you are repeat customers.  In this "word of mouth" business, we need you all.  Thank you again!


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