• At "Color by WEASEL" you get above average quality at below average pricing.

We believe that if you are going to spend your hard-earned money on something that is supposed to be a custom paint job, you should get what you pay for. Our finishes are smooth and polished like a mirror. Here at "Color by WEASEL" we provide what we call "Our bowling ball shine." The reflections are so crisp and clear you can actually see leaves on trees, clouds, and houses or cars going by. We caution every new client, "Please, watch the road and not the world going by or your own beautiful reflection in our shine!" If you want "Orange peel" go to the grocery store! You should never get that from your painter!!!

  • All our products are "House of Kolor".

Our specialty paints are purchased for each project to insure the freshest possible products and everything we use is from "House of Kolor". We stock the basic colors since they rotate fast. Any special colors or materials are ordered for each project. Pearls, Marblizer, and Kameleon, are just a few. This allows us to keep cost down by not trying to inventory hundreds of options, colors, or combinations. Black, white, silver, gold, blue, and red are among the colors we keep in stock. We can make any Kandy Kolor you desire.

  • All of our designs are "One of a kind".

We offer "One of a kind" works. If you specify a truly one of a kind works, you can be assured that you will not find that paint job on any other project we do. (Unless of course we are copied!) Again, you spend good money to be unique and express your individual attitude. That should not be compromised by reproduction of "YOUR" design.

  • Individual consultation provided for every project.

Each of our projects begins with a one-on-one personal consultation, be it by phone, in person, or e-mail. We determine your desire, colors, style, and material type. We then provide an estimate of the price based on the various factors we have discussed. Once the general information is agreed upon, we begin sketching the ideas onto paper. You approve the basic design before it is ever painted on your prized possession. We update you as to the progress of your special work of art periodically. (That won’t be many times because we turn our projects around rather quickly. Weeks not months!)

  • No deposit is ever required at "Color by WEASEL".

We never require a deposit for you project. When the project is complete, we e-mail you pictures and you provide payment. You trust us with your parts and we trust you to pay upon completion. After we confer a design and determine the cost, you ship your parts to us. (Please pack carefully as we will return your parts in the same packaging you send them to us in.) Your parts become your deposit. If you do not pay, we keep your parts! (Pretty simple huh!) And yes, this is part of the agreement on every project.

  • Business ethics.

At "Color by WEASEL" we pride ourselves on strong business ethics. We truly practice the "Golden Rule" of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Again, a custom paint job is extra. No one "Has to have it". It is purely optional and if you make a decision to spend your money, you should do business with people of integrity and good moral ethics…that’s us!

  • Your business is important to us:

At "Color by WEASEL" your business is truly important to us. Without potential clients like you we could never survive. It’s a dog eat dog world and we do not need to be wearing dog bone underwear! Your business is never taken for granted or expected. We "earn" people’s respect one project at a time. Our business is strongly based on "Word of mouth". We take it personally, as this is our living. We are not just having fun, we are trying to make an honest living. We love making people happy. Give the customer what they want in a timely manner, professionally and with the utmost quality, and they will tell their friends. Drop the ball, lie, or cheat and the results are the same…they tell their friends!



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