Labeling of paints and varnishes

Every varnish and paint material (VKM), be it varnish, paint or putty, has its own "name" and designation. It consists of words, letters and numbers. The designation of pigmented paints and varnishes consists of five groups of signs, while the non-pigmented ones has four groups.

Group 1. When writing down the type of paintwork materials is indicated first - varnish, paint, putty, enamel or primer. If the paint contains only one pigment, instead of the word "paint" write the name of the pigment (zinc white, ochre).

Group 2. Further a short designation of a base (two letters) indicates a type of the film-forming substance used. If the paintwork material contains a mixture of film-forming substances, the main one (the one that determines the properties of the paintwork material) is indicated at the marking.

Group 3. The letter designation of the basis is followed by the operating conditions of this paintwork substance (number).

Group 4. Each paintwork material (paintwork material) has its own serial number, assigned to it during manufacture. It can consist of one, two or three digits.

Group 5. The color of a paintwork material is shown.

For water-based paintwork materials not containing a volatile solvent, powder paints, water-dispersible ones there is a designation between the first and the second sign groups: C - water-soluble, E - water-dispersible, P - powder paints, OD - organodispersible (plastisol, organozol), B - not containing a volatile solvent.

There is always a dash between the second and the third group of characters.

For alkyd and oil paints instead of serial number given at manufacture they use figure designating type of oil varnish: 1 - natural, 2 - "Oksol" oil varnish, 3 - glyphthalic oil varnish, 4 - pentaphthalic oil varnish, 5 - combined.

Sometimes to specify specific properties of paintwork materials after the serial number they give the following designations: PM - semi-matt, PG - low flammability, G - glossy.

Marking examples:

- ΟΤ-218ΥΡ enamel - enamel on the basis of pentaphthalic resin, designed for internal works, No. 18, cold drying;

- zinc white white paint MA-22H - zinc white paint is based on the olive "Oksol" (oil), No. 2, for internal works;

- paint VD-VA-17 white - water emulsion paint on polyvinyl acetate dispersion, intended for outdoor works, #7, white

- putty EP-0010 gray - epoxy putty, ?10, gray.

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