Varnishes are a type of paint materials that, when drying, form a hard transparent (except for bituminous) film on the surface. Such materials can be used as an individual coating. And can play the role of the last "fixing" layer used to emphasize the decorative surface or improve its strength properties.

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Varnishes consist of solvents and binders. As binding agents are used vegetable oils, natural or artificial resins. The role of solvents is played by water or organic substances.

Protective compositions in which water plays the role of solvent are called water-soluble. Thanks to modern technology, water in them does not negatively affect the quality of the product. On the contrary, water-soluble compositions are considered safer for people. In addition, the drying time of such materials is much less than that of varnishes, in which solvents are represented by organic substances.

When choosing a varnish, you should study the information on its composition, properties, and safety precautions at work. It is also necessary to follow the technology of coloring, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Only in this case you can get a quality lacquered coating.

On today's market there are many different types of varnishes, made on different bases. The most common are:

- alkyd;

- nitrolacquers (nitrocellulose);

- bitumen;

- oil varnishes;

- polyurethane;

- acrylic;

- epoxy.

There are also highly specialized materials used exclusively for certain purposes, such as marine, parquet, impregnation, etc. Let's look at the properties of different paintwork materials.


This type of varnishes contains organic solvents and synthetic alkyd resins. The varnishes resist water and moisture very well. Using alkyd varnishes you can get a high quality high-strength surface. But do not forget that these materials are toxic, when working with them it is necessary to adhere to safety rules. Tools for application: sprayer, brush or roller.

The surface painted with alkyd varnish has an attractive, ornate appearance.

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