Acrylate (acrylic)

This type of varnish can be conditionally divided into water-soluble and on the basis of other solvents.

Made on the basis of water - it is an environmentally friendly paint material. Confirmation of the safety of this product is the presence on its packaging of the prestigious symbol "Blue Angel".

It is used for painting: parquet; wooden windows; wood, concrete, brick surfaces. A separate product of this series is for covering heating batteries. Water-soluble acrylic varnishes are used mainly for interior decoration. Outside buildings, structures with such materials usually do not work.

Acrylic paints which contain organic solvents, hardeners and other components may have completely different properties compared to water-based ones. Some acrylic paints are widely used for painting of railway vehicles, equipment, ceramics, various metals and, accordingly, can be used in the open air, due to high anti-corrosion properties and performance characteristics.

Buy polyacrylic and other types: AK-1112, AK-578, AK-1104, AK-113, AK-156, etc.

Epoxy .

This type of varnish has many varieties - for parquet, impregnation, anti-corrosion, etc. Manufacturers provide a large selection of products, where each unit of paint and varnish material is used for a specific purpose. At the same time, the whole range of products is characterized by increased strength, resistance to mechanical and chemical effects, a fairly high cost.

Epoxy products are used for different types of surfaces.

An example are varnishes used for covering wood directly in the living rooms. These paintwork materials are able to reveal all the beauty of the wooden surface, to emphasize its decorativeness. But they are used for wooden furniture items that are exposed to intensive mechanical effects.

Epoxy varnishes that contain few harmful inclusions have high cost.

Epoxy varnishes and paints: EP-074, EP-185, EP-075, EP-0110 impregnating, EP-2178, EP-2146 (parquet), EP-5122, EP-540, EP-524, EP-547, EP-541, EP-730, EP-55, EP-79, EP-741, EP-9114M and others.


Materials, forming protective coatings with a large set of valuable properties, due to which they are very popular on the market of paints and varnishes. This type of varnish allows to get after hardening a coating with high wear resistance, hardness, durability, environmental resistance (increased humidity, exposure to light, etc.), good adhesion to the substrate, as well as high decorative characteristics.

Depending on the composition of the paint material there are several types of polyurethane-based paint materials with different properties and purpose. Polyurethane compositions, despite the rather high cost, are widely used both in industry (for example, finishing of railway cars) and in everyday life (paintwork materials for wood, etc.).

Some demanded brands: UR-0231, URF-1, URF-1M, etc.

Parquet varnishes are highly resistant to abrasion and mechanical shock (e.g., from falling on the floor of various objects). At the same time their resistance to temperature changes, exposure to the atmosphere and moisture is quite low.

There are a number of parquet varnishes, which include polyurethane resins. This component gives the coating elasticity, reduces deformation of the wooden surface and eliminates the formation of cracks. These properties are beneficial to the overall condition of the flooring, which can be unstable due to the difference in load on different parts of the floor.

Types of parquet varnishes: URF-1, MCH-0163, EP-2146, PF-231, etc.

The next variety, the so-called "boat" and "yacht" varnishes. Their advantage: the ability to reliably protect the lacquered surface from interaction with moisture and air. These materials are created for painting of watercraft, so they are well resistant to ultraviolet light and temperature fluctuations. They are used for outdoor applications. Treating surfaces indoors is highly questionable. The only place in the house where the use of these coatings is justified is a wooden sauna room.

The disadvantage of this product is low resistance to abrasion on a horizontal surface. In particular, it is better not to use them to cover the floor. Boat and yacht varnishes include: EP-075, alkyd urethane yacht, etc.

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